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Because do not even pretend that's not exactly what you're thinking.

So, I'm not sure if this is allowed or not, didn't see a rule against it, so the great powers that be can definitely delete if I'm breaking any rules. As if you needed my permission to do that, anyway.

Okay, so here's the skinny.

Lately, Shawn/Gus has become my freakin' OTP for liffffe. But no one on my flist can squee with me. So, I've come to you awesome S/G shippers, fill my world with win?

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Fic, picspam, caps, icons

Better than Being a Barnacle.
Gus/Shawn, PG-13, ~230w.
"And here comes the sweet post-sex Gus limpet action," Shawn said, voice pitched like a commentator.

Aquatic Equestrianism.
Gus/Shawn, PG, ~3,900w.
The one where they're mermen and Shawn's on a mission. "You are outta your damn mind if you think that dolphin wants to be ridden." (No, I really cannot produce an adequate explanation for this fic.)

And I did a really image-heavy picspam from the S2&3 gag reels.

Also, some icons:

The rest here. I also included downloads for caps I took from 1x07, 1x08, and the gag reels.
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Psych Rare Pairings & Gen Commentathon - Master Post

All the prompts have been assembled and the commentathon is now open:

[ Psych Rare Pairing & Gen Commentathon Master Post. ]

The commentathon is open to all gen and any pairings that aren't Shawn/Lassiter, and it's open to all types of fanwork -- fic, art/icons/graphic, vids, recslists, 'ship manifesto type squee, etc. It'll be open for about a week.

Hope you decide to come and play :)
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Psych Rare Pairings & Gen Commentathon - Prompt Collection

Hi all :) I was thinking that Psych could use a mini-rare pairing & gen 'fest, so I decided to put together the:

Psych Rare Pairings & Gen Commentathon

What the commentathon will welcome:

+ Fic
+ Vids
+ Art: icon/manips/graphics such as backgrounds, banners, and so on/etc.
+ Fanmixes
+ Themed recslists
+ Plot bunnies that you'd like to put up for grabs
+ Picspams
+ Transcripts of your favorite 'shippy moments, or ship manifesto-style commentary (the better to convert people to your favorite pairing ;)

For the purposes of this commentathon, anything that's not Shawn/Lassiter will count as a rare pairing. I'd personally love to see lots of Gus/Shawn come out of this :D

To submit prompts, go here to the prompt collection post. It'll be open for about three days, and then all the prompts will be collected into a master post and submissions will go in the comments on the master post.

Hope you'll all decide to come and play!

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