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Because do not even pretend that's not exactly what you're thinking.

So, I'm not sure if this is allowed or not, didn't see a rule against it, so the great powers that be can definitely delete if I'm breaking any rules. As if you needed my permission to do that, anyway.

Okay, so here's the skinny.

Lately, Shawn/Gus has become my freakin' OTP for liffffe. But no one on my flist can squee with me. So, I've come to you awesome S/G shippers, fill my world with win?

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thieves in time, sly cooper

First week of Psych withdrawal. ;)

Seeing as there will be no new episodes for awhile, thus having no episode post for the week, I figured I'd just ask a few random Shawn/Gus and Psych related questions to keep the comm alive and to see if I could get some brains scratching:

Question 1)
What was your favorite Shawn/Gus moment in the second season? This could either be slashy or friendship wise.

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For the heck of it, here are my answers (spoilers):

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